Chattanooga Regional Homeless Coalition Seeking Solutions to Affordable Housing

Chattanooga Regional Homeless Coalition is speaking out about the ongoing affordable housing crisis.

They say that they’ve seen an eighty percent increase in homelessness in Chattanooga due to the lack of affordable housing.

The local homeless response system received six million dollars as part of a covid response.

While these funds were used for rental assistance, The Homeless Coalition says they can’t use these funds to build houses.

They’re currently seeking partnerships with landlords, property owners, contractors, and builders.

Wendy Winters CRHC’s Executive Director says,”We have this unprecedented opportunity with all of these extra rental assistance dollars where we could effectively end homelessness for at least some sub-populations of those experiencing homelessness, but we need those partners.”

CRHC says long term, zoning and building restrictions need to be relaxed in order to offer more affordable housing.

If you are interested in helping with the local crisis, reach out to them on their website.

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