Chattanooga Trans Liberation Collective hosts rally in Coolidge Park

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn (WDEF) – The Chattanooga Trans Liberation Collective hosted a rally aiming to fight laws recently passed by Tennessee.

Their desire is to make Chattanooga and all of Tennessee a safe space in which transgender persons can be themselves without fear or limitation.

“We’re fighting for our lives often. These laws make us actually really unsafe,” says Evelina Kertay, Co-Chair of Chattanooga Trans Liberation Collective. 

Recently, the state of Tennessee passed several anti-trans laws such as the business bathroom bill, lgbtq curriculum bill, the school bathroom bill, the sports bill and the youth treatment ban. 

“These laws have no purpose other than to discourage trans people and particularly trans youth from not being looked at as an identity. It’s to force us back into the closet and there’s no other explanation,” says Kertay.

“Those political goals are various but right now it lines up with erasing us from existence, keeping us from using any sort of public facilities, keeping us from having a decent normal life. We’re not asking for special rights but we’re just asking for acknowledgement that we exist and that we are allowed to use the same facilities as everyone else,” says Reverend Alina Cobb, Chattanooga Trans Liberation Collective Member.

The event featured a lineup of speakers, performances, and speeches to better educate the public.

Several organizations also attended-allowing the community access to multiple resources. 

Moms for Social Justice members say that public rallies like this help families to better educate and inform their children

“More information can never be bad. There are queer children so trying to pretend like that isn’t a thing doesn’t make sense. Let them be educated. It’s super important that your children be exposed to different lifestyles, races, cultures, religions because it allows them to know that it’s okay to have different viewpoints than their parents, friends in school or teachers,” says Mari Smith, Co founder of Moms for Social Justice.

This rally was held to raise awareness and ask Chattanoogans to support the trans community. 

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