Cherry Street’s shooting and its impact on downtown

Chattanooga, Tennessee (WDEF) – Two teenagers sustained life threatening gunshot injuries Saturday night at a downtown shooting where a total of six teenagers were shot.

“I mean now I’m more scared than anything to come down here at night,” said Fleming.

Gunshots were heard by Chattanooga Police Officers Saturday night, just before 11, as six teenagers were shot. The ages now released, five of the teens are 15 with the sixth victim being 13.

“Officers responded well and thankfully saved probably a whole lot more lives and injuries,” said Celeste Murphy, Chattanooga Police Chief.

Overall, pretty quiet in this area, as not too many people have been going around but on Saturday night it was much different. Shots went out through the area. I spoke to a couple of tourists visiting Chattanooga for memorial weekend and they say when they found out about the shooting terrified them because they were almost in the area at the same time.

“We are gonna come down here and walk around but we just decided not to because we were tired. So, like, we could’ve been one of those people,” said Fleming.

She says the news took her completely by surprise.

“Heartbreaking, shocking, I wouldn’t think anything like this would happen here,” said Fleming.

Riverbend is taking place this weekend and safety is the number one priority.

We will have a very strong police presence from when people arrive. They’ll be greeted by police. I want them to feel safe and that’s the first introduction,” said Mickey McCamish.

“And, of course, we’ll have an extra police presence for festivals,” said Murphy.

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