Chip’s Good Word: Those amazing STOL Bandit fliers

 CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – We’ve got some amazing pilots in our area with a specialty brand of flying.

And they proved their skill at a national competition over the weekend in Florida.

The STOL Bandits won overall best among other trophies at the Central Florida Classic.

STOL stands for “short takeoff and landing.”

They compete to see how quickly they can get a plane off the ground and how little space they need to land it again.

Stol Competition

But that, alone, isn’t what is so amazing about their flying.

The Bandits love to skim over the ground and water at very low levels for some views none of us can get of the Tennessee Valley.

Chip shows us video from one of their flights this summer over the Ocoee Lake, Ocoee River and Hiwassee River.

And we promise, you’ve never seen them like this.

You can learn more about the STOL Bandits at their Facebook page.

You can see more Bandit videos on YouTube at the Super701 channel.

And here is his obligatory disclaimer:

Disclaimer: This type of flying is not for everyone. Risk management and risk thresholds are individual decisions. Be careful and fly at your own risk. Watch out for power lines while flying along rivers! None of the planes in this video are carrying passengers. The STOL Bandits fly together frequently and you should not try formation flying with anyone you are not completely comfortable with. We also had prior permission to land on the property at the end of the video.


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