City Council to vote on multi-million dollar sewer bond

Funds from EPA loan would restructure city's wastewater infrastructure

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) — The Chattanooga City Council is voting Tuesday night on money to help improve the city’s wastewater system.

If approved, a $186,000,000 loan from the EPA would go toward the project.

City Senior Advisor Kirsten Yates says the interest rate on that loan is as “close to cost” as you can possibly get.

“We most recently unveiled our Equalization Station out at Hamm Road, which is providing 30 million gallons of wastewater storage that didn’t exist before,” Yates said. “Since that has come online, we haven’t had a single gallon overflow into the Tennessee River of any sort of untreated wastewater. That’s been a huge milestone in this work.”

Yates says the loan funds will help fix pipes across the city, and replace an oxygen plant.


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