City of Chattanooga Celebrates Bike To Work Day

The City of Chattanooga celebrated Bike to Work Day.

Outdoor Chattanooga hosted a party!

Cyclists could also pick up a free bike pass from Bike Chattanooga.

Anne Welch, Principal Planner at Regional Planning Agency said, “We did some group rides this morning so people had a chance to ride with their neighbors and we had energizer stations set up all over town as well as a chance to ride the bike share for free”

With support from multi motor infrastructure 

Outdoor Chattanooga hopes to provide the chance for community members to ride a bike. 

Obviously it’s an important part of all of our plans and working with public works to get more implemented is a huge goal” Anne said,”So as we are doing all of this within our agency we want to encourage people to maybe make that choice to ride a bike even if it’s once a week.”

The goal is to promote sustainable transportation and encourage healthier lifestyles. 
“Chattanooga Division of Transportation is a big supporter of making our road facilities serve all road users” Ben Taylor, “That includes accessible sidewalks and bike infrastructure and we’re excited to be here today with the bike award group making sure everybody gets the best use out of our our facilities on see’d streets.”
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