Cleveland City Schools in Need of Bus Drivers, Substitute Teachers

CLEVELAND, Tenn. — In January, the U-S Department of Transportation acknowledged a nationwide shortage of bus drivers.

As the fall semester approaches, Cleveland City Schools are still in need of more drivers.

“We’re looking for about eight, altogether, bus drivers that, you know, we’ll even train if we have to, because right now it’s such a shortage of drivers across the country,” said Hal Taylor, Director of Operations.

According to Taylor, the shortage of drivers is largely due to competition with trucking companies, which have increased demand since the pandemic.

“It’s the same license for a bus that it takes for truck drivers, and that’s the number on thing is the competition for truck drivers has just increased greatly since the pandemic occurred, so there’s other reasons too, but that’s the number one reason — we’re losing drivers to trucking companies,” said Taylor.

Another lasting effect of the pandemic is a shortage of substitute teachers.

Director of Human Resources Kelly Kiser says it would be ideal to double their number of substitutes.

“Currently we have a pool that is around just a little over a hundred, but not all of those individuals are able to work every day. So, you know, I think ideally we’d like to double that — sure we would — but if we could just add a few more, at this point in time, we would be happy with that,” said Kiser.

Cleveland City Schools has recently raised their pay rate for substitute teachers to one hundred dollars a day for a certified staff member.

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