Cleveland Police Use Robot and SWAT to Apprehend Man Barricaded Inside Home

CLEVELAND, TN (WDEF) – “It’s got retractable arms, extendable arms that can open doors and move stuff out of the way.”

A robot with the Cleveland Police Department played a vital role in the arrest of a man who broke into a home on Robinhood Drive Monday morning. Police were dispatched to the home around 10 a.m. The suspect inside the home wouldn’t come out so SWAT and the bomb squad, which the robot is part of, were called in.

“They were able to get the robot and use the robot as a resource to go into the home to make sure that they could look around and see what was inside the home,” says Sergeant Evie West with the Cleveland Police Department.

The Cleveland Police robot plays a vital role in the department.

“It’s about officer safety,” says Lieutenant Chris Allen who is the SWAT Team Leader with the Cleveland Police Department.

“It’s machinery so it won’t get hurt like a police officer could.”

Officers say the robot went in first but the suspect would not come out. They were able to directly communicate with the suspect through the robot’s microphone and camera.

“Through multiple attempts of trying to establish contact with him, those failed, and we tried other avenues and finally we went ahead and made entry through the home with the SWAT team,” says West.

“The robot went as far as it could inside the house. At that point the SWAT team, most of the floor was cleared at that point so the SWAT team made entry behind the robot after it cleared and began searching rooms and found the suspect hiding under the covers under one of the beds,” says Allen.

Charles Scott McDonald was arrested on charges of aggravated burglary and violation of an order of protection. He barricaded himself inside for four hours and police say he was arrested without incident.

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