Cleveland Volleyball Having Plenty of Fun Racking Up Wins

Cleveland, TN-(WDEF-TV) The Cleveland volleyball team has spiked the opposition this season, posting a sizzling 30-4 record. And as News 12’s Brian Armstrong reports, the Blue Raiders are having fun along the way.

Cleveland high school Volleyball knows a lot about winning with over 20 wins this season.

Said head coach Amy Geren McGowan:”I feel like that is an edge for us. Having fun and enjoying it. They enjoy each other, they enjoy the game of volleyball. We like to win but they have fun and practice and games they have fun all the time.”

Said player Kinslee McGowan:”We’re all best friends we make TikTok before the game. We’re serious about it but we also make sure we have the fun flow to it.”

It’s always fun to win but this team knows how to have fun and enjoy the game.

They says it’s creates a relax atmosphere and players don’t let the pressure get to them.

Said coach McGowan:”I was telling someone the other day it’s like they’re so silly. All the time. They’re not talking about volleyball out there they’re making fun of each other they’re not even talking about volleyball and they just have a good time. I think it relaxes them then I’ll put a lot of pressure on because they’re just talking about God knows what.”

Despite occasionally dropping a set the fun doesn’t seems to leave the team, which is something she’s had to adjust to as a coach.

Said coach McGowan:”I really been seeing where they tightened up at all we Just lost an OK will get next time.”

But the team does know how to lock in and focus thanks to their coaches.

Said Kinslee McGowan:”I feel like when we dropped us that we gotta realize what we realized we did and that’s it don’t understand why we didn’t perform the way we did in the first set. We talk about it as a team. A lot of time our coaches pitch in and tell us how we fix those things but we have to understand together what we did.”

Besides all the winning and fun the team is having, the effort is always there.

Said coach McGowan:”Very rarely does a ball hit the floor with our bodies fine. We’re really scrappy and if you see of all the guys off the court you got two or three people running after it.”

Said Kinslee McGowan:”You have to go out for teammates. Nothings gonna work out if you don’t go all out for one of these girls. We’re family. We’re sisters on the court so we understand the boss in the right the floor without that effort. Effort is what keeps you and play when it comes to a team that you’re pretty even with and talent effort and will to win that’s what’s going to win you the game.


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