Cleveland Welcomes Chandler Tygard as New Head Football Coach

Cleveland, TN-(WDEF-TV) Cleveland introduced new head football coach Chandler Tygard on Monday.
He was the head coach at Blackman in Murfreesboro the last two seasons.
Tygard believes the Blue Raiders have what it takes to be a championship program.

What a welcome to Cleveland for Chandler Tygard.
He’s definitely not in Murfreesboro anymore.
Said Tygard:”I walked into Panera just for coffee and was immediately recognized. That’s new. In Murfreesboro that’s not a thing.”
So why leave a solid program like Blackman to come to Cleveland?
Said Tygard:”You know they called me out of the blue, and I started digging. Realizing the benefits of a city school system with one high school. Some of the best football programs in the nation are one high school city systems. Like Hewitt-Trussville, Alabama and Thompson’s, Maryville, and Alcoa.”
Tygard wants to turn the Blue Raiders offense into a mini-version of the Vols up-tempo style.
Said Tygard:”Last year we looked just like Heupel. LIttle more heavy pass probably at Blackman. But we did some good things. We broke 27 school records in two years and had two Mr. Football Finalists.”
During his time in college at Tennessee, Tygard worked under Lane Kiffin.
Reporter:”Any great Lane Kiffin stories?”
Said Tygard:”I can’t say those on the news. We modeled a lot of the stuff off what we do off Coach Kiffin. If you come to practice, you’ll see our ‘Turnover Tuesdays’ and ‘No Repeat Thursdays’ and all that stuff. That’s all stolen from him.”
I doubt even Kiffin has snake-skin boots.
Said Tygard:”Yes the snake-skins. I told the kids I’m a big fan of nice things. We were Jordans. We went to the Jump Man brand at Blackman. I’m not the tallest guy either, so I like to throw on some boots every now and then. I’ve got about five or six pairs.”
Tygard wants to deliver nice things to Cleveland.

Tygard:”Then you dig into wrestling and everything they’ve done here. Basketball and track. Just start asking yourself. Why not football?”

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