Cole McCormick a Driving Force For Notre Dame

Chattanooga-(WDEF-TV) Notre Dame’s Cole McCormick is a force on the basketball court. On any given night he can put up 20 plus and already has 1,000 points as a junior. News 12s Brian Armstrong spoke with him and his coach about how he *could* help lead his team to a district title.

Notre dame Chattanooga is just 1 win away from a district title.

Said Notre Dame head coach Jonathan Adams: We tell our guys to embrace the game. I’m not one of those coaches they tried to tell him it’s just another game because it’s not. It is a big time game against great coaching, great opponents. For a chance to win a regular season district title.

Junior Cole McCormick is a big reason why. he is a dominant force on the court and can put up 20 or 30 on any given night.

Said Adams: I haven’t gotten get you 20 or 30 it makes me look a lot better.

Said McCormick: Play my position, just trying to be the biggest leader I can on the team and we need to get a tough bucket go get a tough bucket. Some nights I might be going and getting 20 points and other nights I might be locking up their best player so he doesn’t score.
Adams: Each year and each summer that I get to have them over summer just seeing how much he’s worked on his game. How much he’s worked on his body, how much better he’s gotten and just how much he loves the game and loves his teammates. He lets me coach him hard. He doesn’t have to do that being such a great player but he allows me to do that and really sacrifices for his team.

As talented as he is he is also coach-able despite already having a high basketball IQ.

Said Adams: It actually has been a unique challenge as a coach to coach a great player. You have to find ways to make sure you’re getting him better as well as the rest of the team.

Said McCormick: I’ll come in and talk to go to James after divorce after I see something I didn’t do right and we’ll just talk it through. I’ll be like what do I need to do in the situation how do I need to help my teammates better here and he’s got an answer for everything.

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