Commissioner Katherlyn Geter will not seek re-election

Read her announcement of why she will not run for a second term on the Hamilton County Commission

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – Hamilton County Commissioner Katherlyn Geter announces she will not seek a second term.


She represents District 5, which includes East Chattanooga and Highway 58.


Geter upset incumbent Greg Beck three years ago in the Democratic Primary.


He is running again to get his old seat back.


Here is Geter’s announcement on Monday:


After much prayer and consideration, I write to announce that I will not be seeking re-election for Hamilton County Commission – District 5. This decision was not easy, but it is necessary. The past year and a half have shown many things to all of us individually and collectively as people, one of which is to be kinder, not only to others but also to ourselves. 

Three years ago, District 5 elected me to be their representative on the Hamilton County Commission, with a victory that signified new beginnings and that our votes really do matter! It has been an honor and a blessing to be your representative on the Commission. I want D5 to know that leadership matters. My journey is not over! I’m not going anywhere. I love D5 and my heart is one of service. I am simply taking the necessary time for myself and my family. 

In doing so, I will continue to be present in D5 working alongside many of you regarding the issues that continually need to be addressed within our communities. I plan on partnering with community members, leaders, and stakeholders to strengthen our communities and grow them for future generations. D5 remember, leadership is more than just a name on a sign, a title, and a position; leadership is about serving! If we are to have true change, a viable future for my children, your children, and our grandchildren then we need policy, organizing and process

It’s important for us to keep in mind as we think about our next representative for D5, the past is like using the rear-view mirror in our cars, it’s good for us to glance back, to recognize what was, to see how far we have come. However, if we stare too long, if we are not careful, we can miss what is ahead of us! Let us continue to work together to move our district and communities forward! Thank you to everyone who has been a part of this journey with me. Thank you D5 for seeing my heart and my will to be a Champion of Change!


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