CPD officers respond to pair of dangerous incidents

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) — Local law enforcement stayed extra busy this afternoon, responding to a pair of high profile and highly dangerous calls.

CPD officers responded to a hostage situation Thursday afternoon at The Overlook Apartments on Boynton Drive.

One officer says a “female suspect took an office staff member hostage at gunpoint” for a reason that’s still unknown, and refused to let her go.

CPD hostage negotiators were able to get her on the phone “and ultimately talk her into giving up.”

Police took her into custody, and the victim was taken to safety.

In a separate instance, US Marshals and CPD Fugitive units saw a man they had been looking for ran into a nearby house on Alton Park Boulevard near West 38th Street.

While the officer said “negotiations had largely been unsuccessful,” he said the suspect ultimately “came to the door,” and CPD nabbed him.

Neighbors stood by for hours and watched the whole thing unfold.

Police had to tell a few of them to get back because they were in the “line of sight,”.

One woman said the suspect slit his wrists before turning himself over to CPD officers.

She is not associated with the Chattanooga Police Department and did not give us her name.

Interviews with officers of the CPD were not available at the scene, as the case was under investigation at the time.

As News 12 Now is given more details on today’s incidents, we’ll be sure to provide updates regarding both cases.

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