CPD presents weekly crime report update

Police Chief Celeste Murphy says city experienced two shootings over past week

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) — The Chattanooga Police Department held its latest crime update meeting this morning and discussed the past week’s crime report and further crime prevention.

Overall, Chattanooga Police Chief Celeste Murphy delivered mostly positive news Wednesday morning.

Murphy says there were two shootings in the city over the past week.

The first occurred Sunday night, resulting in the death of one individual.

The other occurred Wednesday morning downtown just off East 11th Street.

“What we will say is that it definitely was between two known parties,” Murphy said. “It was acquaintance-related, not anything random at this time. So there’s no outward or continual danger and reference to the greater community.”

Murphy then revealed that, compared to last year’s numbers at this time, crimes against property in Chattanooga have slightly increased while crimes against persons and society in the city have decreased.

The chief commended both her team and their efforts.

“I just want to credit that to the officers of this department who do a fine job every day,” Murphy said. “I appreciate everything that they do and I know the community does, as well.”

The floor was later turned over to Chris Sands with the city’s Office of Community Health.

In a joint effort with the CPD to reduce violent crime, he announced that a week’s worth of events will be held in October geared to promote youth safety.

“One of those things that we’re in the process of doing is ensuring that young people have safe, positive spaces to gather,” Sands said. “We have seen during every holiday and every break, there is an uptick in youth violence. So we wanted to ensure that on our particular side of the city, that we are in the process of making sure that we have programming that takes place for our young people in our city.”

A dance at the National Guard Armory, a kickball tournament with the CPD, a bounce house party and more will all be held in the next couple of weeks.

All events are currently scheduled between Monday, October 10 and Saturday, October 15.

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