CPD provides further details on post office homicide

Chattanooga Police Chief Harry Sommers says victim died from "apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound"

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) — The Chattanooga Police Department shared some new details on Sunday night’s post office shooting.

For the first time since it happened, Police Chief Celeste Murphy spoke with News 12 about the homicide.

On Sunday, October 30, police say 27-year-old Brian Simmons, a Chattanooga post office worker, shot and killed his supervisor — 30-year-old Cody Ransom.

Simmons then fled the scene and later crashed into a Hixson nail salon.

One officer says Simmons died from “an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.”

At the moment, authorities do not know whether the shot was fired before or after Simmons’ car crash.

“Right now, we’re leaning towards it might have been first but we can not safely conclude that yet,” Murphy said. “That’s going to come out with the investigation, autopsy and everything that led up to that.”

CPD officers were told that Simmons had gotten into a heated argument with Ransom before taking his life.

When asked if it was known what “disciplinary action” triggered the shooting, Murphy says it’s irrelevant.

“It doesn’t even matter because it was a despicable act regardless of reason,” Murphy said. “So that doesn’t even matter. But I think when it comes to employee issues, we need to defer to the U-S Postal Service for that.”

Murphy says, for now, Simmons’ criminal record is still being “contained” by the department until the case is fully closed.

Like local business owners, the police chief was grateful that no further lives were lost from the incident, which she called an “anomaly.”

“Thankfully, there was no one in those businesses at that time and there was no further injury to report because of it,” Murphy said. “We’re talking about property damage and I’m just glad that’s where the carnage ended.”

The case is still under investigation by the Chattanooga Police Department.

Murphy was asked if Simmons had any other violent attacks planned, but she said the full timeline of events is still being reviewed.

A GoFundMe for Ransom has also been created and has already collected more than 11 thousand dollars.

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