CPD Rolls Out 48 New Patrol Vehicles

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) — The Chattanooga Police Department is rolling out 48 new SUV’s each each equipped with red and blue light bars on their roof.

Each bar is a solid color, and they’re set at an angle to increase visibility from the sides.

“For years, we’ve gone without any light bars on top of the vehicles. Since we looked into it, we have now put light bars on top of the vehicles and incorporated the use of red and blue lights in our light bars.The reasons we did that is for increased visibility, especially during the day. The red is very visible during the day,” said Sergeant Michael Ortell.

The cars are also outfitted with new sirens.

The monitor is now placed on the outside of vehicle and is significantly louder than past sirens.

The blare of the siren is high-pitched, but it also emits a low rumbling sound, cutting through the roar of traffic and loud music.

“The reason we did that is to put the siren out in front of the car so that our siren could be heard better. The biggest complaint that we receive sometimes is that they can’t see us or hear us when we’re running lights and siren. By pushing that siren out in front of the vehicle, we’re able to be heard a little bit better. And, with the light bar, hopefully the increased light output will be seen, so motorists can act appropriately,” said Ortell.

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