CPD unveils Dragonfly Community Connect

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee (WDEF)- The Chattanooga Police Department unveiled a new program called Dragonfly Community Connect that can address crime in real time.

Dragonfly Community Connect is a volunteer program that directly links security systems owned by Chattanooga businesses with the Chattanooga Police’s Real Time Intelligence center.

“Let’s say a shooting or a robbery, the Real Time Intelligence Center investigators check the listing of participating businesses at or near the calls for service and then assist patrols at responding,” said Sgt. of Chattanooga Police Department Bill Atwell.

Businesses have the option to share their video stream with CPD for an investigation.

Chattanooga Police Chief David Roddy said the quicker the police department can receive video the quicker the investigation can proceed.

“It improves community policing primarily by increasing the connection between our investigators with businesses in the area that they respond to,” said Chief Roddy.

Chief Roddy said Dragonfly is not a regularly monitored video stream. It is to be accessed by CPD for an investigation and is not viewed as a violation of privacy.

“Potentially makes our response safer. It makes us better educated coming into the scene and it helps us move quicker during an investigation and ultimately sometimes in the apprehension of a suspect,” said Chief Roddy.

As it’s just become available, no businesses are yet a part of the system but the mayor’s office is working on an incentive plan for businesses.

“They’re still working to figure out what that looks like and how they can implement it but we are hopeful that that again will increase the number of businesses that come in and support dragonfly,” said Chief Roddy.

The reason for the name dragonfly is due to a Dragonfly having an almost 360-degree vision which is what they hope this system will lead to.

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