Crazy Chattanooga FC week leads to first place match up Wednesday night

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee (WDEF)- Chattahoologans and the rest of the Chattanooga FC fans join together to run through the songs, wave the flags, and even wait and pass the time through over 90 minutes in a lightning delay like last Saturday.

I mean we can do this without the fans. We don’t exist without the fans.

And their rewarded is being part of the game and the celebration.

This group is great. We all have the same focus where we have a job to do and it was wonderful coming out of the locker room and seen Finley packed the way it was and we felt like we need to put on for the city.

The fans have another thing to celebrate. Chattanooga FC is on an 11-game unbeaten streak dating back to April. The team has outscored opponents 31-8 during that stretch. Which is something Chattanooga FC isn’t focusing on.

I don’t really even think about it. I haven’t even really thought about it. The only time I think about it is when someone mentions it.

One of the contributors to that unbeaten run is keeping the team in a routine. Which this week is not the normal routine. First their was the length rain delay.

It’s just constant communication. We take a step back until we get some information we just let the guys be basically like they’re at home. Listening to music, chatting once we get our time frame we talk about that and build back up.

And now there is game on Wednesday night at 7 in a 1st place match as 1 place In the eastern conference Chattanooga FC host 1st place in the western conference California United.

For us it’s all about, it’s all about it for us. We’re just trying to get better at what we do. Coach is always  restating the fact that we just wanna be better than the day before and it’s we’re gonna try to do.

Our focus is never about that game. It’s always about can we be one percent better. Can we be just a little bit better than we were in the last game.

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