CSX Transportation Cleaning Up Railroad Crossings in Catoosa County

CATOOSA COUNTY, Ga. — Residents in Catoosa County voiced complaints in August after railway ties and other debris were left at Railroad Crossings adjacent to intersections.

CSX Transportation is replacing railroad ties, and the leftover debris was obstructing the view of some drivers making a turn.

“In the process, they’re stacking up the old ties in areas that they’re going to come back and get, and for some drivers they say it has created a visibility issue, coming out of some of these intersections,” said Catoosa County Government Public Information Officer John Pless.

“You cannot stop on the track, and you can’t stop between the tracks because there’s not a wide enough clearance. So, once the driver commits to going across that roadway, there’s no place to stop, and it’s unbelievably dangerous,” said Catoosa County Public Schools Superintendent Chance Nix.

The Catoosa County Sheriff’s Office encouraged drivers to call CSX and report the problem.

Now, after many calls from concerned residents, much of the debris has been cleared.

“It appears that there is some progress. Some of the piles of ties have been removed. Others have been reduced in size. There’s some brush that has been cleared as well. So, you know, we appreciate the fact that the railroad is attendant to our needs and our concerns, and they have done something about it,” said Pless.

The cleanup effort is still in progress, and some school buses are being diverted from the crossings to avoid a hazard.

Catoosa County’s Government continues to encourage residents to contact CSX to report remaining debris.

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