Dade Co Back in Playoffs For First Time in Five Years

Trenton, GA-(WDEF-TV) Dade County has not enjoyed a winning season since 2016. But this year, they went out and beat South Pittsburg and nearly won a region title. The Wolverines earned a 7-2 record, as well as a first round home playoff game Friday.

Said lineman Austin Sorrelle:”Having a positive attitude when everybody is used to us losing. It has been tough for sure.”

It is tough, and the Wolverines mind set was tested right away in their season opener.

Said head coach Jeff Poston:”We kicked the ball off to Gordon Lee. They ran the opening kickoff back for a touchdown. So immediately you’re thinking okay, I hope they. I hope they realize it’s just 12 seconds into the game. They did block the extra point, and then we never looked back from there.”

Dade County was blocking kicks in week one, and pitching a shut-out in week two.

Said defensive back Christopher Everett Christiansen:”Defense. The ‘D’ stands for dog. You’ve got to be a dog.”

Dade County has some dogs on offense too. Last year they threw the ball a lot, but this year they got physical in the run game.

Said Poston:”We’ve run for a little over 2,000 yards this year where last year we threw for over 2,000, and I don’t know if we ran the ball for a thousand last year.”

Maybe the physicality stems from Dade County’s unusual motto.

Said Sorrelle:”Certainly we go by ‘Third Monkey Mentality’. That’s what we go by.”

Reporter:”What is a ‘Third Monkey Mentality’? Explain that.”

Said Sorrelle:”Well our coach came up with it. It’s basicaly if you’re getting on Noah’s ark, and the other two monkeys are getting ready to get on, and you were that third monkey. You’re going to have to fight like you wanted to be one of those monkeys getting on.”

Said Poston:”I had tried ‘Relentless Pursuit’, and they just thought that was corny, so we’ll go with ‘Third Monkey Mentality’ I guess.”

Reporter:”Have you ever tried to bring a monkey out here?”

Said Poston:”No. No we’ve got a big gorilla on a shirt. It’s one of our little deals. We put that on twitter every Friday for game day. That’s the mascot for us so.”

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