Dade County teacher arrested for handgun possession in school

Teacher's attorney says entire situation is misunderstanding, overreaction

Trenton, GA (WDEF) — Attorney McCracken Poston was disgusted by the treatment of his client, Dr. C.T. Turner, describing her entire scenario at Dade County High School as a “gross overreaction.”

Turner currently teaches forensics at Dade County.

Poston says Turner took several boxes from her widowed mother’s garage, thinking they contained art supplies.

When she arrived at the school, however, she saw something much different — one of her deceased father’s old handguns.

“She did everything right,” Poston said. “She called authorities, she had them come and assess the situation and remove it. And then oddly enough, they arrest her.”

According to the Dade County Sheriff’s Office, nothing found in the investigation pointed to any students or school employees being in danger.

Investigators took Turner into custody without incident, but Poston was furious, saying this all could’ve been avoided.

“A wonderful person has been dragged through the mud because somebody didn’t have the nerve to say, ‘let’s have a pre-warrant hearing and look into this before we drastically arrest someone and have their name splashed all over and their reputation hurt.'” Poston said.

The veteran attorney deemed the handling of Turner to be “an atrocity,” saying that as the family was helping pack up her mother’s home, her father’s gun was “tossed in” to her supplies box unbeknownst to the teacher.

“This is the absolute best case of innocent, unknowing possession I’ve ever seen in 37 years of practicing law,” Poston said.

Additionally, Poston was quoted saying, “I would stake anything on the theory that this is an innocent, unintended possession.”

Ms. Turner is currently being housed in Dade County Jail awaiting a bond to be set by a judge.

The investigation is still active.

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