Daniel Gilbert at CCA wins this week’s Golden Apple Award

He is a math teacher at the Center For Creative Arts school

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – “On behalf of Food City and News Channel 12, I would like to present you with this week’s Golden Apple Teacher Award. ”

“Oh my gosh, thank you so much!”

DR. JILL LEVINE: He is engaging, he’s high energy, he cares about the kids. He makes math exciting and just comes to school every day with Incredible work ethics.

DANIEL GILBERT: I love teaching, and I love kids. And this age especially really speaks to me because it’s such an important age in kids’ lives. And I just love being with them. I think they’re… they’ve got such like a vibrance for life, you know.

BELLA TATE: He changed how I looked at math because I used to not like math at all. And I really liked math now in sixth grade.

DANIEL GILBERT: I love this quiz is because it’s giving you some decimals.

BELLA TATE: He makes math fun and engaging.

DANIEL GILBERT: I think probably the biggest credit would be my wife. And she, she knew that there’s kind of just my bucket wasn’t being filled; kind of doing what I was. And she knew I had a passion for teaching and leading young people. And… I’ve always loved math and I do love being in a classroom. And especially with these core classes that are so important and foundational. And math I think is you know it’s a universal language we all use.

DANIEL GILBERT: I love being classroom. I feel like keeps me young keeps me engaged, my energy is a pretty high energy kind of guy. And so I get to match the sixth graders’ energy, so I love I love teaching and you know impacting them and helping be a positive change. But then in turn I think we’d all say this as teachers, they change us just as much as we change them and help us learn and grow ourselves. Which we’re supposed to be doing. We’re supposed to grow and continually be lifetime learners and I feel like teaching does that for me.

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