Dave Staley meets the UPS driver who delivered a lost dog to a family

TURTLETOWN, Tennessee (WDEF) – Everybody loves a happy ending to a story.

For one family in Polk County, a troubling situation turned into a “sigh of relief.”

All because of a good samaritan, who happens to be a UPS driver.

News 12’s Dave Staley tell us about it, in tonight’s edition of “More To The Story With Staley!”

Darrell Slack has seen and experienced a whole lot in his 28 years as a UPS driver.

In the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, especially for UPS……trucks coming and going……..so many packages to be delivered, who has time to look for a stray dog? Darrell does!

You see, Darrell was on his route in Polk County…Turtletown to be exact…when a local resident said her dog Pete had escaped from the front porch.

Darrell said he’d keep an eye out for Pete. Roughly 15 minutes Later, Darrell was back……with Pete.

“I put him in the back of the truck and I made a few more deliveries. And then I was able to deliver Pete to the Odoms home. I was glad I was able to find him. It all worked out.”

Slack said the family was worried they’d never see Pete again. Because it’s a remote area. And Pete is what’s known as a “runner” when he gets loose.

Slack said he wanted to help….because he knows the feeling.

“Me and my wife have experienced a lost dog. So I know the feeling and the anxiety that one might have. I’m just happy to be a part of getting Pete back home.

No surprise, Darrell said the family was elated to have the family back home again.
And now you know the meaning of the old commercial slogan……”what can brown, do for you!”
Dave Staley, News 12 Now

Darrell says he always keeps dog treats in his vehicle. That’s the main reason he was able to get close to Pete and pick him up!

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