Democrat Adams Seeks Republican Smedley as Senior Advisor

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) — “A government of the people, by the people, for the people — that’s exactly what Hamilton County needs today,” said Matt Adams on the Hamilton County Courthouse steps Tuesday.

Adams, a democrat, is seeking Republican Sabrena Smedley as his senior advisor, should he win the race for Hamilton County Mayor.

Smedley was a candidate for Mayor herself, before losing to Weston Wamp by a slim margin.

“Had supporters of my opponent, Weston Wamp, not unleashed waves of negative advertising, brimming with misinformation, Sabrena would likely be the Republican Nominee, and this race would currently be between two honest, mature candidates,” said Adams.

If Adams wins, Smedley would be offered a full-time position among other Republicans in Adams’ administration.

“There will be many other Republicans joining my administration, in the coming weeks, some of whom may even be here today. Because public service is about more than politics, serving our neighbors means working together, regardless of what’s going on in Nashville or in Washington,” Adams said.

Smedley said she is open to working with Adams, but no commitments have been made.

According to Smedley, Adams called her on Monday and they had a casual conversation about bipartisan leadership.

“You know, if he wants advice, sure. I care very much about Hamilton County and the direction we’re going, so I would be very open if there’s something I can offer to help move Hamilton County forward. Again, this was all unsolicited by me, despite some things I’m hearing Weston Wamp is saying,” said Smedley.

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