Detailing Company expanding and hiring in Cleveland

CLEVELAND, Tennessee (WDEF)-Solutions Oriented Services gets cars cleaned, fixed up, and ready to go to be sold on Vroom automotive.

“Our job is to take the vehicles and repair them. Minimal mechanical repair as well as cosmetic repair. Our job is basically to make the cars look good before they sell them,” said Roberts.

The expanding company is adding a branch to Bradley County with a new location at the old Cleveland airport. With that comes a need for staffing.

“Mechanical, we need mechanical inspection, cosmetic inspection. We still need Porters. Mechanics are the big one. I still need to master mechanics,” said Roberts.

He said growing up in the area, it’s a perfect fit for him and he has a connection with the area’s working community.

“I don’t wanna say it’s a new business in this area but it’s a new way of doing business in the automotive sector. There’s a lot of mechanics in the area there’s a lot of people in the area that love cars and I think that we played off that pretty well. Our biggest challenge is going to be, do they want to work and we’ve been fortunate in finding people who wanna work,” said Roberts.

He said there are several ways Solutions Oriented Services is staying competitive in the hiring market.

“I think that’s a challenge in every market. Houston we have the same issue we just have to rely on that there are people still out there that want to work. We’ve got a great pay plan and we’re building our benefits package for everyone as well. We lay it out there this is what it is we have an opportunity to be part of a changing environment in the car market and I think that’s been the biggest draw,” said Roberts.

If interested in applying you can visit the Old Cleveland Airport or email

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