Devoris Havis a Wrecking Ball For CCS Defense

Chattanooga-(WDEF-TV) Chattanooga Christian defensive end Devoris Havis should change his last name from Havis to Havoc because he’s constantly wreaking havoc for Chargers opponents. News 12’s Brian Armstrong caught up with the defensive wrecking ball.

Said Havis:”I just get irritated because I feel offended when they try to block me.”

CCS senior Defensive End Devoris Havis is seemingly always causing havoc in the backfield.

Said Havis:”Basically when they try to hold my jersey it is so annoying. They just keep holding on there like flies. So I just use a speed power move get off of them real quick, go make a play.”

Said head coach Phil Massey:”He’s a leader upfront on our defense and he has done an extremely good job for us. Putting pressure on the quarterback and being a leader. Not only a vocal leader but he’s the kind of guy who is gonna lead by his play as well.”

The 6-foot, 235-pound Havis wants to make sure he doesn’t take anything for granted because he knows this is his last year of High School football.

Said Havis:”I know what the next level of college wants more of a business thing to it, so I just try to soak it all in, soak in love soak in the city. Our campus is amazing. I practice i tend to look up to Lookout Mountain a lot and I love that place. I love the view of that place so everything that has to do with high school football that’s my favorite part of playing the sport of football.”

A lot of athletes say their teammates are like brothers but for Havis their is no like, his twin brother Javoris also is on the team.

Said Havis:”That’s where it gets louder to me boo my brother going out the whole time. It’s also an offense and defense mindset thing too. I got his brother BJ on defense so I’m with him and he got boo on our fence so we pretty much just dog it out throughout the game and see who comes out with the most plays.”

Said Massey:”Obviously they can talk smack with each other all day long that’s what brothers do. But they obviously, they’re tight, they have a tight mind and they have that bond do you want to see your whole team kind of develop.”

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