Driving Our Economy Forward: AGC Construction Career Center Opens

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — The Associated General Contractors of East Tennessee’s Construction Career Center is now up and running.

“We have been in action now for about two weeks here at the construction career center,” said Leslie Gower, AGC CEO.

It’s for both new and experienced construction workers looking to enhance their skills.

“We’re had the opportunity to partner with a Tennessee College of Applied Technology at Chattanooga, and Chattanooga State to bring adult learners so they could make pivot career changes,” Gower said. “And get into construction is something they wanted to do. We have people here all ages learning. So that they can get qualified to get to a lucrative career in construction.”

“It’s just a great opportunity,” said participant Eric Walker. “It helped me out a lot. It’s helping me to grow. Better opportunities with jobs, and to be able to I guess, just learn more about growth of development and teamwork.”

Gower said they expect to be able to place every single graduating student with a job.

“We have professionals that are here taking OSHA classes, supervisory skills, project management, blueprint reading, the gamut of everything they need to know to keep continuing their progress as professional instruction,” Gower said.

“Thankfully we have a great partner with AGC,” said Jessica Green, Dean of TCAP Program, Chattanooga State Community College. “They came to us, industry came to Chatt State and said that there is a need. There’s a skills gap and we need you guys to help us fill it. And then we partnered with Hamilton County, the city Chattanooga, and they all came together to create this great opportunity for our citizens. It’s really incredible to see.”

“They’re getting the hands-on training they need from people who have done it for a long time and incredible educators,” Gower said. “It just is the culmination of so many people’s ideas coming together and making this an asset for our community.”

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