Driving Our Economy Forward: Mohawk Industries

DALTON, Ga. (WDEF) — If you need a new floor for your home, you have lots of options in the area.

The world’s largest flooring company is located right in our own backyard – Calhoun, Georgia.

Let’s see how Mohawk Industries is driving our economy forward.

“We came over here to the job fair here at Dalton Academy to talk more about Mohawk Industries and what we have to offer for these students and for their future,” said Jackie Osegueda, Mohawk Industries. “I think that the job fair is really good for students, so they have an idea as to what companies out there have to offer.”

“Right now one of the biggest topics I know that you’ll read in the papers see on the news is talking about a lot of employers that are seeking employment,” said Laura Wood, Mohawk Industries. “It’s all about the employment rates, you see the hiring signs, that’s obviously there’s some pros and cons to that. With various things that we’re looking at as to why we’re looking to fill those roles why they’re open. But it’s a great opportunity for students to also learn that there are opportunities after school. Gives them something to be excited about because they know that there’s jobs for me when I get out of school. And I can make an income, and make a living. Whether it’s to pay for college, or to start a family, or buy a home again, it really gives some more hope for them too; especially the students. Again, to know what opportunities are there once they finish their high school senior year. One of my favorite quotes is, ‘The wisest man knows that you may not get to enjoy the shade right away. But if you plant the seeds, somebody in the generation after you gets to enjoy the shade of that tree.’ So a lot of that is kind of what we do now is really starting with that workforce development and really interacting with the talent, the future talent that’s coming through. And really developing them so that when they get to that stage of their lives, when they’re ready to go into work, that they know that the opportunities are out there.”

Wood says it all comes down to having goals, and having something to look forward to when these students get out of school.

“Even if it’s an industry that you don’t think it’s nothing there for you, you never know what they offer. I guess I would say, have fun, keep an open mind and be engaged,” Wood said.

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