Driving Our Economy Forward: NOVONIX

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — One Chattanooga company is working to make North America a greener place – making money, and running on sustainable energy.

And their company only continues to grow.

NOVONIX talked to News 12 about how they’re driving our economy forward.

“NOVONIX started here in Chattanooga in 2017 – just myself and one other person, so we’ve experienced incredible growth over that time,” said Daniel Deas, NOVONIX president. “Right now we’re close to about 100 employees. Just in five years time, and we’re going to consider we’re going to continue to see that incredible growth over the next several years as our battery materials are in really high demand throughout North America. NOVONIX is a leading battery material supplier in the U.S.”

Deas says they also provide battery technologies.

“We’re really focused on innovation to enable a sustainable energy future,” he said. “We actually manufacture synthetic handled materials. We take a byproduct of the refinery industry, and we turn that into graphite for renewable energy.”

NOVONIX even does all of their material analysis in-house.

“It’s hugely advantageous for us, as it speeds up the process of being able to develop new materials,” Deas said. “All of our equipment is one of a kind in the world.”

Deas says NOVONIX is also proud to be involved with the local community.

“And working with the educators to initiate a lot of these Workforce Development programs that we have. We started that with a Future Ready Institute which begun this year at Lookout Valley High School, which we think is going to be very successful,” Deas said. “We believe we have extremely competitive starting pay at $20 an hour. That comes with paid vacation, retirement benefits, health benefits and an incredible company culture. The majority of our positions uh require no prior experience at all. We ask for a high school education or equivalent, but we’re really just looking for individuals who share our values like integrity and respect, and they want to work in an environment as a team to come up with solutions that really make a difference.”

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