Driving Our Economy Forward: Renew Exterior Services

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — A clean home is a happy home.

That’s also the case on the outside. That’s where Renew Exterior Services comes in.

Let’s see how this Tennessee Valley business is driving our economy forward.

“We turn your green to clean, your grime to shine, and we create happy spouses by cleaning houses,” said owner Brandon Beavers. “So when we got ready to start the company we reached out to some people, went to some networking events. And from there I got a business coach for free with the Tennessee Small Business Development Center. I joined the Chamber of Commerce, and I met with anybody who would listen to me speak. And from there we built a business plan, gathered funding. And we grew exponentially. During the Christmas season we do a lot of holiday lighting. It’s a large portion of our business, and we’ll triple in size during that time of the year.”

Beavers says their company likes to create a good work environment.

“Work is work, but it doesn’t have to be something you hate doing,” he said. “We have a good company culture here. We have a gratitude board. Every day somebody else is responsible for writing a quote of the day and then everybody else is responsible for writing something that they’re thankful for. We have an office cat and everybody loves the office cat. That’s our complaint department. Our goal when we first meet a client is to learn what they’re trying to accomplish, and get on a more personal level, and then we can show you exactly what your house is going to look like with all kinds of different designs.”

Beavers says their main services are roof washing, house washing, gutter cleaning, pressure washing, and even holiday lighting.

“Most people think Christmas,” he said. “We will do Hanukkah. We’ll do Fourth of July. We’ll do St. Patrick’s Day. If you can think of it, we can do it. We’re about two years in at this point and it’s growing ever so quickly. In October we got nominated for the Rising Star Award with the Tennessee Small Business Development Center. That is the Small Business Development Center’s business of the year, and so they only give it out once a year to one business. So the growth of the company is splitting into a lighting company and a cleaning company. And so the lighting is such a big part of the company. It’s not just something we do in the wintertime. In the next five years I like to think about projections and all that, but more so I’m going to focus on building a good culture that people want to work here, and the growth will happen.”

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