Driving our Economy Forward: Wacker

CHARLESTON, TN (WDEF) – The Wacker Corporation is a major manufacturer of silicon products for everyday life. The company is looking to expand its operations in the Tennessee Valley and has teamed up with Chattanooga State.


Jim Tharp is the Senior Director of Operations at Wacker.

He explains, “Wacker is an international company, and we specialize in taking silicon, which is one of the more common elements on the earth, and converting it into solutions that make life better. We’re into automotive obviously, solar energy, semiconductors, pharmaceuticals, household goods, (a) countless number of different products that we’re involved with in making lives better. We are one of the largest suppliers of semiconductors. These plants produce primarily polysilicon, but we also produce a fumed silica. Polysilicon goes into solar panels and semiconductors. In fact, this site is a very large player in the semiconductor world, and there, we’re looking to to grow bigger in the future. We have about 720 employees and growing. We have plans to to bring more people into in, in the very near future, and we’re always looking for good people. At Wacker we’re very competitive with our compensation and our benefits, and a person can make a very good living here. There promotional opportunities. There’s just a great opportunity to support your family and and make a very good living. We’re looking for really just the full gamut of qualifications, you know, GED, high school education is always a plus, but we’re also looking for engineers of all kinds, all disciplines, from you know ,all different levels of education. We’re a large site. There’s lots of opportunity here to do a lot of different things. So, we’re always looking for good people, and so the quality required qualifications are very broad here.

Tharp concludes, “We have partnered with Chattanooga State, and it’s been a very good relationship. We’ve got a lot of good qualified people, particularly in our Chemical Operator programs, and we’re looking to further partner with other colleges in the area as well to help, well, find and get the best qualified people. So these partnerships are very valuable to us, and they’ve added a lot of value to us in the past, and they will continue to do so in the future. We’re a fairly new site, but the future is very bright for all the businesses that we’re in, and the probability of layoffs and plant shutdowns is is very low. So, we have a very very bright future here at this plant.



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