Dunlap Police warn shoppers of counterfeit cash over weekend

Annual Highway 127 Yard Sale returns to community, prompts awareness for "funny money"

SEQUATCHIE COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF) — The Highway 127 Yard Sale, stretching nearly 700 miles, returns tomorrow.

With vendors expecting tens of thousands of customers over the weekend, police are warning sellers to be on the lookout for “funny money.”

The Dunlap Police Department recently took to social media to warn everyone about a potential increase in counterfeit money.

Before the festivities officially begin Thursday, the department says it’s already received some reports of counterfeit cash in the area.

On Facebook, the department said it’s “that time of the year again,” anticipating an increase in counterfeit money in the community.

The warning applies to both vendors at the yard sale as well as local businesses.

“We just wanted everybody to be aware,” said Dunlap Police Chief Randy Phillips. “We try to put out something every year just to let everyone know and to increase awareness to take extra time to look at their bills and make sure they’re not fake or counterfeit bills.”

One vendor says she’s been selling at the yard sale for 28 years and that reports of counterfeit money aren’t new to her.

Another says he’s previously felt dollar bills to physically test their legitimacy.

Chief Phillips and the police department have their own suggestions for vendors heading into the weekend’s festivities.

“The easiest way is they sell a pen — you usually can get it at Walmart,” Phillips said. “I think you can get it at Amazon, several different places and mark it and it will tell you for sure. But you can also feel the currency or hold it up and look into the light with it — you can see the watermarks in the currency.”

The Highway 127 yard sale is still the largest in the world, stretching from Gadsden, Alabama, to Addison, Michigan.

Phillips wants folks to enjoy the annual sale but advises caution, as some may not be as honest with their purchases as others.

“Take extra time whenever people are paying you,” Phillips said. “Make sure if there’s anything that looks suspicious, don’t take it. If there’s anything you think is suspicious, call the police and let us come look at it.”

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