Elderly Woman Faced with Overcharging on Hospital Bills

Cleveland, TN (WDEF) – An elderly woman in Cleveland says she has to pay over eight hundred dollars for a suppository she got during a medical procedure in August. Now she’s warning other seniors to be aware of hospitals overcharging them.

It got so bad that she had to file a complaint, and now her insurance is investigating but her main message to others is to be aware, so they don’t end up like her.

Zanna Bradley lives in Cleveland, Tennessee. She doesn’t work anymore due to her dealing with multiple medical issues. Recently she had to go to Memorial Hospital for a surgery. It started when she had problems swallowing.

“Everything went fine. I had never met the doctor that did the surgery, but he saved my life,” says Zanna.

Bradley says that when she decided to check her medical bills, and realized the astronomical price tag. “It showed that I owed $887 and 25 cents for a self medication.”

She says it didn’t add up.

“I took nothing by mouth. Everything that I had was intervenous.”

But it didn’t stop there.

“The hospitals know what the insurance will not pay – especially if it’s over the counter drugs. Insurances won’t pay for it, so they can charge whatever they want to.”

Her insurance company was also taken aback.

“They couldn’t believe that they had charged me that much for a suppository.”

Making payments is often difficult for her.

“It takes my whole check for just my medicine, then my husband has to help pay for the rest of it.”

She wants other people to be aware of how much hospitals are really charging them, and to ask questions when things look suspicious.

“When they get a bill like this, research that bill. Find out why they owe that money.”

She says its an indication of a larger problem with the hospital system.

“I don’t want to see anybody, whether they’re young or they’re old going to bed hungry at night because they’ve had to pay a bill like this.”

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