Emissions Tests No Longer Mandatory

County Residents No Longer Need Emissions Tests for Vehicle Registration

Beginning at midnight, Hamilton County residents will no longer be required to pass an emissions test for vehicle registration.

For over thirty years, residents have been required to pay for these tests under the Clean Air Act of 1990. A test is priced at 9 dollars, but some have argued that the tests are most expensive for those least able to afford them.

“People say, ‘well, it only costs nine dollars.’ Well, it only costs nine dollars if you pass. If your car didn’t pass, and you had to take it in and get two and three hundred dollars in repairs, we consider that to be a tax on the citizens who could least afford it,” said State Senator Bo Watson, an advocate for the removal of the mandate.

Four years ago, Senator Watson and the late Representative Mike Carter moved to end the testing. 120 days ago, the Environmental Protections Agency approved eliminating the requirement.

Going forward, emissions tests will only be required in Davidson County.

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