Emma’s last Winter Wonderland made possible by Bradley County EMS

CLEVELAND, Tennessee (WDEF)- Emma Cummings is just 18 years old, but might be experiencing her last Christmas.

“I am pretty sick. This is my last Christmas,” said Emma.

“She’s been battling cancer for five years and we recently got the news that there’s really no more that they can do the tumors are coming back fast and aggressive… she said mom this might be my last Christmas and that’s hard to hear but she said I want a winter wonderland,” said Emma’s mom Melissa.

“I wanted to totally be that house for Christmas for this year. We’ve got some awesome donations from friends and family and people all over and they came out and just set everything up for us and got my winter wonderland going,” said Emma.

After Melissa put it on Facebook friends came to the rescue particularly Bradley County EMS.

“We have a wonderful friend there, who I call Emma’s ambulance mom and she went wild. She contacted her colleague and she said Shayne loves kids, he loves Christmas we got this,” said Melissa.

They were the first ones to get out here one weekend I woke up and there were people in my yard setting things up and they really worked hard and got everything perfect,” said Emma.

She was taken aback by the community’s given nature and how great her winter wonderland is.

I was like oh yeah I will have a snowman and a Santa Claus but then I saw all the lights and all the candy canes and the 11 foot Santa Claus and it was awesome it was above my expectations,” said Emma.

“Cleveland is such a caring community and we’re so lucky to live here all the generosity and outpouring not just with things like this but now the messages and the meals and cards. It’s such a blessing to live in a community like that this will be how we’re supported. You can’t imagine what this is like it’s the hardest thing probably anyone’s ever had to face,” said Melissa.

Although she loves all the decorations, one inflatable has an extra special meaning.

“My favorite is the polar bear with the two little penguins on it because we said that the Penguins were me and my sister. We’re just riding on a little bear and a wonderful lady was like which ones are your favorite I wanna be able to see them from your bedroom. Well, that’s my bedroom sale so she was like I’ll put it where you can see it every morning so it’s special I like that one,” said Emma.

“It’s memories that we said we were going to do we’re just going to make memories and this is one of the ones that we’re going to look back on and we’re gonna look back on the pictures and stories and hopefully make the last Christmas and memorable one and fill it with as much happiness as I am as she can experience in the time that she has,” said Melissa.

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