Emotional testimony in Day 2 of Janet Hinds trial

Testimony from crime scene investigators, DUI officers & generall manager of "Farm to Fork"

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – The prosecution continued to lay out their case against Janet Hinds for the hit and run death of Chattanooga Police Officer Nicholas Galinger in 2019.

We heard testimony about how much she had to drink that night.

Plus an emotional account from a DUI officer.

Joeli Poole continues our coverage from court.

It has been a busy day inside a packed courtroom as the second day of the Janet Hinds trial continued. Today, we heard testimony from the prosecution’s witnesses. The Prosecution further explored the extent of the car’s damage and the jury learned more about what happened that tragic evening.

Two CPD crime scene investigators, the general manager and a server from the “Farm to Fork” restaurant, as well as DUI officers from the Chattanooga Police Department were among the witnesses interviewed today.

In addition, the prosecution shared details about the extensive damage received by the car when it made impact with Officer Galinger and an analysis of the evidence that was collected from inside the car.

Booker “Because there were so many different hair samples on there it was easier for us to remove the entire section and encompass the cracked area that we took out. That’s what we did. We took out that entire section that had the broken section in it.”

Restaurant employees from “Farm to Fork” spoke about the quantity of drinks served to Janet Hinds and testified that despite having multiple beers and 1 shot, Hinds continued to behave in an appropriate manner.

McGowan “at any point did you have any concerns or were any concerns brought to your attention about the behavior or mannerism or anything having to do with this woman- Janet hinds?”

Hill “no , absolutely not.”

CPD DUI Officer Jeffrey Buckner explained what effect the consumption of alcohol could have on the body and about what the protocol is once an officer has been struck. The emotional toll on Officer Buckner was evident as he recounted the night’s events.

Buckner “I Heard- officer Jarrod Justice yell BREAK on the radio. That was my first inclination that something was wrong. That is our emergency code. That means That officer needs priority radio traffic. He said it actually twice and got his message out that a probation officer had just been hit by a car. Other officers had arrived. I noticed officer Galinger on the ground. I took over medical care. CPR had already been started and he had no pulse.”

The Jury was then shown the several hours that Janet Hinds was inside the Farm to Fork Restaurant.

Joeli Poole: ” I’ll continue to keep you updated as we move along through the court proceedings. You can follow along through my Twitter @JoeliWDEF12.

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