EPB and Office of Emergency Management Crews Prepare for Bad Weather

Hamilton County, TN (WDEF): Hamilton County Office of Emergency Management is encouraging residents to be weather alert tonight into Tuesday.

That includes securing loose outdoor property, bringing pets and valuables inside, and having ways to get weather alerts.

“A lot of us still have to go to work, a lot of us have to go to school. Just leave yourself plenty of time to get to your final destination in the morning. We will have storms that will be hitting the area in the morning between rush hour, so we want to make sure everyone takes their time,” says PIO Amy Maxwell with the Office of Emergency Management.

“First responder agencies are on alert to make sure that they have all of the chainsaws ready to go in the event we have trees down to get the roads back up and running.”

Maxwell says time and time again, she sees people drive through flooded waters often times when they’re in a rush.

“You’re putting yourself in jeopardy or your family in jeopardy when you take a risk of damaging your car. You don’t even know if there’s heavy debris underneath it that you could drive through and could trap your vehicle from moving any forward, or it stalls out, or you put even other additional first responders at risk to come and rescue you,” continues Maxwell.

E-P-B has sent out 3 contract crews to help Louisiana regain power after Hurricane Ida passed through.

The rest of the E-P-B crews will remain in the city in case of bad weather expected Tuesday.

“We have one construction crew that we’re going to schedule to stay overnight tonight. And then, we’ve increased some of the manning for the individual shooters that go out, diagnose and fix problems that people have. And then, we have a lot of people that are going to be on standby, ready to react hopefully,” says Grant Carriker with EPB.

After the weather passes, EPB will re-evaluate and send more crews to Louisiana if needed.

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