Event to Honor Man Killed in Drunk Driving Crash Displays Forgiveness and Advocacy

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – Ten years ago this weekend, Tiki Finlayson received the call no mother wants to ever get.

Her son Kevin had been killed in a drunk driving crash.

“Today is the tenth anniversary of my son Kevin’s death. He was hit and killed by a drunk driver in 2011,” Finlayson says.

Just days after his death, still swimming in grief, Tiki and her family started the nonprofit iam1N3.org to raise awareness about the dangers of drunk driving but to also encourage another virtue. Forgiveness.

“We chose to forgive the drunk driver for what she did,” says Finlayson. “She is out of prison now and travels with me and we share our story of ‘choices matter.’

The one choice she made to drink and drive forced us to make choices that we shouldn’t have had to make.

But the one choice I wasn’t forced to make was the choice of forgiveness.”

A choice Tiki said her son Kevin made before his death was to be an organ donor.

“He saved four lives. He donated his liver, both kidneys, his liver and his heart. We got to meet his heart recipient. His name is Melvin,” says Finlayson.

Tiki and her husband Tom co-pastor Purpose Church in Middle Valley.

A balloon release was held today at the church to remember Kevin and others lost to drunk driving.

Tiki has written a book, Choices, Available on Amazon and also speaks at events.

“If we can do this and keep another family from dealing with the pain that we got hrough ona daily basis then it’s worth it for us to do this.”

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