Fabian Rodriguez Helps Dalton Soccer Team Reach Final Four

Dalton, GA-(WDEF-TV) The Dalton high school soccer team has advanced to the state final four, and leading the charge is Fabian Rodriguez. The senior stand-out has turned into a big facilitator for the Catamounts goal scoring attack. When you watch Dalton play soccer…doesn’t take long to see that Fabian Rodriguez is one of the best players on the field.
Said head coach Matt Cheaves:”He’s extremely creative with the ball at his feet. And he’s very good at running at opponents with the ball at his feet and makes players commit. So he stretches defenses out. They have to commit to him.”
Reporter:”Do you feel like a marked man?”
Said Rodriguez:”To be honest yeah. Cause I’m pretty sure other teams watch film, so they play me, and they have like three or two players on me.”
What makes Rodriguez especially dangerous is he is so adapt at passing the ball as well.
Rodriguez:”When we start. I take a few minutes to inspect the field and see what gaps are open and how their defense is. That just helps me throughout the whole game.”
Said Cheaves:”He has become a very mature soccer player, and I think that’s the sign of a mature soccer player is creating chances for your team. Making sure the team wins whatever it takes. Whether it’s him scoring or him getting a chance for somebody else.”
Fabian wouldn’t mind following in his brothers foot steps. Damian Rodriguez is already playing pro soccer for the C-F-C. Imagine having Damian as a training partner.
Said Rodrigeuz:”He has helped me develop a lot. Each time at our house we play with our younger brother. It will get aggressive. It really helped.”
Said Cheaves:”Damian really pushed Fabian, and I enjoyed that. I love having brothers on the team.”
Reporter:”Do you joe with your brother. Hey man, I’m the better player.”
Said Rodriguez:”Yeah. We always joke around.”
Fabian has already enjoyed some workouts with pro players.
Said Rodriguez:”Really aggressive. They’re just huge. They’re good players.”

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