FDA warns of dangers of cooking chicken with NyQuil

"NyQuil chicken" or "sleepy chicken" recipes making a comeback on TikTok and Twitter

WASHINGTON D.C. (WDEF) – The Federal Government is now concerned about a recipe challenge that seems to be making a comeback on social media.

You’ll see posts about “Nyquil chicken” or “sleepy chicken” recipes.

The involved cooking chicken breasts in a pan marinated in NyQuil or other cold remedies.

The challenge has been around for awhile, but officials say it seems to be rebounding again on TikTok and Twitter.

The FDA has now issued a warning that the scheme can be unsafe and even deadly.

They say NyQuil actually has 3 different kinds of medicine and a high concentration of water.
When you heat it or cook it, the water evaporates, the medicine becomes much more concentrated and can even chemically change.
Health officials say you don’t even have to eat it to be affected, just breathing the fumes during cooking can be dangerous.
Either way, you could overdose on the cold medicine.
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