Federal Rescue Plan money will go to wastewater problems in our area

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – Chattanooga and Hamilton County will be getting some help in dealing with its critical infrastructure needs.

This area will be getting 25 million dollars from the state’s 3.9 billion dollar Federal rescue plan.

The grants are designed to persuade communities to invest their own money, especially in wastewater and drinking water projects.

State Senator Todd Gardenhire says it will help cutback the homeowner’s monthly bill for wastewater treatment.

“So 25 million while that sounds like a whole lot and it is and I’m very grateful for it, it almost gets the trucks rolling. It doesn’t get anything shoveled in the ground but it’s nice to have and hopefully that will decrease the amount that individuals will pay that are tacked on to their sewer bills.”

Chattanooga and Hamilton County are both under multi-million dollar consent degrees from the EPA to repair and expand sewer and wastewater systems.

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