Financial relief for those facing evictions

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- The Supreme Court has officially rejected the eviction moratorium.

Which means that the rest of America is now on the same page with Tennessee.

Earlier this month the sixth circuit court of appeals decided that Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio and Michigan could resume evictions in their states.

The Chattanooga City Attorney has been working eviction court since then.

There were more than 100 families on the docket last week.

She wants landlords and tenants to know that they can still take advantage of financial assistance.

“We have an eviction crisis on our hands. But, if the relief money doesn’t get to the landlords, we will have a foreclosure crisis on our hands. Because many of the local landlords in our area, they are not wealthy people. They rely on their rental income to pay for their mortgage on their rental property and lots of times, they are primary residents as well”, says Emily O’Donnell, Chattanooga City Attorney.

Information about relief funds can be found here.

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