Finley Stadium Has Played Big Role in CFC Success

Chattanooga-(WDEF-TV) – Chattanooga FC is currently enjoying their first full length season in the NISA pro soccer league. The Boys in Blue have become a popular Scenic City attraction over the last decade. Finley Stadium has been the club’s home since the beginning, and it has practically become a part of the team.

Finley Stadium may not deliver a pot of ‘goals’ for CFC, but it has delivered an awesome home environment.

Said head coach Peter Fuller: “It’s a stadium that’s what 18 to 20-thousand in terms of capacity. The location is awesome. Right downtown. The beauty of this place is you don’t need 20,000 in here to sound like 20,000.”

Veteren CFC member Juan Hernandez first saw Fort Finley as a ‘Frienemy’, and he was kind of jealous. “2014, I came to play against the CFC. It was the fourth of July I remember really clear. It was pretty impressive. Was pretty impressive. Hooligans made it a nightmare for us, since I was on the other team.”

In 2015, The CFC drew 18,000 fans for the NPSL Finals. In 2017, they drew over 12,000 for a friendly with Atlanta United. Then last April, NISA brought all of their league teams to Finley Stadium for their opening season tournament.

Said Hernandez: “Every time we play here, we have a big crowd. Everybody wants to come here to play just because of that. That’s says a lot about CFC, and where we play.”

Is there a noticeable drop-off when the CFC visit other venues?

Said Fuller: “Huge. Huge. Yeah. Even the places that. Cal United had a decent crowd last weekend, but it’s dead silent. I can hear myself all through the stadium.”

Finley stadium has certainly played a big role in the growth of the CFC.

Said Fuller: “I think the club is a great club. The club would be a great club without Finley, but with Finley, it’s just special. It’s something really, really special about it. I know for me it’s a huge recruiting piece when we look to bring guys in here. They love. When they come out here, they’re like, this is incredible.”

Said Hernandez:”You can hear the crowd roaring in here. It makes it feel like a great game. It is a great game, and it’s home. It’s home for us.”

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