Foodies for Foster Care and Adoption

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee (WDEF)-Food truck alley is now playing host of several foster care agencies do the one person‘s connection to adoption so food truck alley you can get food and information on how November is national adoption month

“The lady that actually owns this, she was adopted two and has her own adoption story so she was just willing to let us use the space. Normally in the summer, this is booked out with food trucks and so she was super willing to let us use the space to raise awareness,” said Penrose.

Foster care agencies including Youth Villages and Harmony Family Center were proving information to people getting lunch at food trucks. Penrose knows firsthand what it’s like to be adopted via foster care.

“I was adopted as a teenager. I was moved across the country from Colorado to Georgia when I was 12 and the family kept me when I was 17 they asked me if they could adopt me,” said Penrose.

She said getting adopted by her family at 17 changed her life.

“This whole thing is very personal, it’s not just a job for me. It’s my whole life essentially the reason I’m in this field Is because of that,” said Penrose.

Now she can use her life experience to help other kids going through the foster care system.

“Sometimes it’s easy, sometimes I do disclose that I was adopted if it helps if I can connect with them. That I was adopted as a teenager because some teens in foster care they’re like I’m a teenager nobody’s going to adopt me, nobody wants me and I’m like that’s not true. I have kids that have been adopted as teenagers and they still keep in touch with me which is awesome and I get to see that they had the support and get to go home for Christmas or Thanksgiving they have a place to go,” said Penrose.

Foodies for foster care and adoption allows people to gain information and see what’s right for them.

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