Former Bradley Co. Commissioner stunned at lack of audit response

Resident finds it suspicious that issue has yet to be addressed with elections quickly approaching

BRADLEY COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF) — Commissioner Erica Davis is seeking re-election in District 6 of Bradley County. At the same time, she’s in ties with the state’s Comptroller’s Office.

Former County Commissioner Dan Rawls addressed the Bradley Co. Commission at their Monday night meeting, amazed that there has yet to be an audit committee meeting regarding Davis.

He said that over the past three years, these committee meetings have been held in the “first quarter of the year.”

He finds the lack of one to be suspicious.

“We have a contentious race that the commission has a finding in [and] all of a sudden, we have an audit committee meeting that’s been moved,” Rawls said. “Actually, the date has not been set. Whether there’s anything going on or not, I think even the appearance of impropriety is clearly a problem.”

According to the audit report, Davis’ company, TriStar Enterprises, was involved in a subcontract with Berywood Landscaping for demolition at Lake Forest Middle School.

It was Bradley County that signed off on the contract with Berywood.

This can be seen as a “conflict of interest” with the state.

Rawls says a “multitude of people” have reached out to him about the issue.

“How do we come to that?” Rawls asked. “Are we back to the old school board days — meeting before a meeting? Is that what’s going on, because I’ve heard that from commissioners.”

When asked if she had a response to Rawls’ comments at the commission meeting, Davis declined to be interviewed.

However, she’s previously said in the audit report that she believes her company is not in the wrong.

While she doesn’t believe the situation to be a problem, Rawls does.

“Everybody I’ve talked to finds it to be a problem,” Rawls said. “I don’t know why someone didn’t step up and say, ‘Hey, I think you ‘ought to take care of this and get it done, get it settled. Clearly, the state Comptroller’s Office finds this to be a big problem.”

Davis is looking to maintain her current position at Seat B in County Commission District 6

Her challenger is candidate Tommy Ledford.

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