Former Braves Star Freddie Freeman Gets Emotional During His Return To Atlanta

Atlanta-(WDEF-TV) Former Braves star Freddie Freeman returned to Atlanta for the first time since leaving in the off-season.
Freeman may wearing Dodger Blue now, but his heart still bleeds for the Braves.
News 12’s Angela Moryan joins us live from Truist Park for more on Freeman’s emotional homecoming.

Rick, there’s no doubt that former Braves first baseman Freddie Freeman was instrumental not just in last years World Series win but in the entire decade building up to it. He averaged a cool 300 at bat last season — not to mention the two home runs against the Astros in the World Series.

Freeman could barely get through his pre game media availability — thanking everyone in the organization, fans and media for his 12 years here. A five time all star, national league MVP, Gold Glove winner – Freeman was the face of the Braves for those years. Tonight he gets his World Series ring in front of a more than 41-thousand fans.

Said Freeman::”That ring is just not a ring to me. Um. it’s all the sacrifices. All the missed family time. All the hours. The broken wrist. The 14 hour bus rides in the minor leagues. The 4am getting into hotels. The grind every single year. To finally win it. man. There’s no better feeling in the sport.”

“I don’t even know if I can get through this. (pause) The fans. I was 20 years-old. The ones who saw me when I was 17 and followed me closely. Rome, Georgia. 2008. Myrtle Beach and Pearl, Mississippi in 2009. Gwinnett. Everyone helped me be who I am today. (composes self) Man I love the Braves organization with all my heart. That will never change.”

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