Fort Oglethorpe planning new attractions to increase tourism

Project officials believe city's history, community will attract more visitors in upcoming years

FORT OGLETHORPE, Georgia (WDEF) — With the holidays incoming, the “Fort O” community received an early Christmas gift in the form of a farmer’s market — something they’ve had on their gift list for quite some time.

But that’s only the beginning.

The city is also planning to construct further attractions, including a brewery and a city welcome center.

“It came to light that there was a need to redevelop and redefine that tourism function that exists within the city,” said City Manager Molly Huhn. “The museum’s always kind of been a welcome-type place, a welcome center — this will really just formalize that and it’s very exciting.”

Huhn says the new welcome center will be funded from hotel and motel tax revenues.

Stable 41 downtown was just the first step in the project.

Jenny Pack with Community Consultants says new developments will be able to explore more of the city’s past, including its army post origins, World War POW camps, and more.

“It’s going to allow us an opportunity to expand our story a little bit,” Pack said. “The 6th Cavalry is really fascinating and interesting for their legacy, but so is the whole history of Fort Oglethorpe. This is going to give us an opportunity to tell all of those stories.”

Amy Jackson, President and CEO of the Catoosa Co. Chamber of Commerce, says Fort Oglethorpe has always been a family destination.

She says the revitalization of downtown Fort O will only provide local families with more to do, and visiting families more incentive to stop by.

“This revitalization already has brought businesses back to life,” Jackson said. “They’ve started already painting their storefronts and just making them look better, making them look appealing. With that welcome center, it will just bring in more people and help get the information out of what is actually in the town to do.”

Pack says the city already has everything it needs to draw in more tourists.

The lovely trio behind the project says that development support has been very high so far from the community.

They believe the city’s rich history blended with those new hotspots will make Fort Oglethorpe’s next historic chapter one to celebrate.

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