Fourth of July Event Preparations Under Way

Fourth of July weekend is fast approaching, and the Tennessee Valley has a whole week planned for firework shows.

Fireworks will be starting this Thursday, July 2nd.

Thirteen shows will be on Saturday, the biggest of the entire weekend.

Catoosa County will be hosting the Colonnade Saturday for their second year in a row.

Steven Henry, Chairman of Board of Commissioners says, “Last year we kinda kept everybody separated, spread the event out, and this time we’re going to be able to get everybody closer together, so think it’ll be a lot more fun.”

Catoosa county will kick the day off with a 5K run then a classic car show, live music followed by a thirty minute fireworks show.

“We started ten months ago preparing for the fireworks show because we knew that everybody would be doing it this year, and we’d have a competition,” continues Steven.

Eleven shows will take place on Sunday, July 4th.

Ringgold Willow Tree Farms is having their big celebration on Sunday with live music, a raffle, and fireworks.

They said they started planning their fireworks show in April.

Cassidy, Event Coordinator for Willow Tree Farms says, “We’ve done fireworks at the farm for our family every year for as long as I can remember, but this is the first time we’re putting on a big show for the public… We started buying fireworks like way early in advance, so that made it a little easier for us, but we just kind of spaced it out and got them slowly over time to make it a little easier.”

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