Fraternal Twin Sisters Abbigail and Caroline Tremmier Handle Place Kicking Duties For Dade Co

Trenton, GA-(WDEF-TV) Dade County has one of the neatest kicking tandems in high school football.
Sister fraternal twins.
Juniors Abbigail and Caroline Tremmier have handled PAT’s and field goals for the Wolverines the last two seasons.

Like most coaches, Dade Co’s Jeff Poston knows it’s hard to find a kicker, and then he stumbles

on two of them.
Said Poston:”I was watching a soccer game. I think it was Caroline kicked the ball from about where the 30 yard line is, and it went through the uprights. So I thought, maybe they could kick.”
Said Abbigail:”At first I thought it was a joke, and then I was like. It would be like really cool to actually kick for the football team, so I convinced her to do it.”
Said Caroline:”Yeah I wasn’t really sure if I wanted to, so I was kind of like, hmmm. I don’t know.”
Reporter:”Did it feel awkward when you put on the pads for the first time?”
Said Abbigail:”Yes.”
Said Caroline:”She couldn’t get’em on. It was bad.”
Abbigail:”I thought I would get stuck in them. So I had to have like a coach come help me figure it out.”
At least the Tremmier sisters did not struggle with putting the ball thru the uprights in their first game action.
Said Poston:”It was a spring game. It was against Southeast Whitfield. They were scared to death. Luckily extra points are dead in the spring game, so that gave them a little confidence. I think we scored six times that day, and they made every one of them.”
Practice is not the only place you’ll find these two working on their craft. They also attend kicking camps.
Said Caroline:”We went to one this year. Ray Guy Kicking Camp.”
Reporter:”Are they surprised they see y’all two pull up?”
Said Abbigail:”They actually know who we are. We went the first time, and they were surprised. There were other girls there, and then the second time we came and they were like oh, there’s those Rising Fawn kickers.”
Said Caroline:”Yeah they knew. Yeah.”
Yeah there are those Rising Fawn kids…rising up in the moment.
Said Poston:”Beat Pepperell last year because of these two girls. We won 21-20 with an extra point. We beat South Pittsburg because I believe it was Caroline kicked two field goals.”
Said Caroline:”Last year when we played Pepperell it was my turn to kick. When I went out there, they like false started our team did, so we had to scoot it back. Everyone was like going crazy, and I was like oh gosh, all the pressure is on me. I think that’s the game that really helped us gain respect and stuff around here.’
Said Poston:”And you know the guys love’em. They’re apart of our team. They do a great job.”


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