From The Archives: 1992 Hamilton County Fair

HAMILTON COUNTY, Tennessee (WDEF) – After years of fall events at Chester Frost Park, the Hamilton County Fair is in transition.

Of course, the annual event has missed a few years because of the pandemic.

This year, the County was trying to reboot the event by moving it to the new property they bought at McDonald Farm in the Sale Creek area.

The move would give them room to grow and address the main problem at the old Park site on Chickamauga Lake… lack of parking.

However, the reboot hit a snag when officials announced on Wednesday that they are cancelling this weekend’s event due to predicted bad weather.

The County Fair has drawn large crowds at its 30 year run up on the lake.

So we take you back to the Fair in 1992, that included a riverboat, a TV personality milking cows (poorly), and, of course, those parking issues.

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